2 Story Sakura Tiny House

Sakura tiny house – How to decorate the sakura tiny house style is an increasingly popular trend among people looking for a well-lit, practical home without the need for excessive ornamentation. Regarding accessories, objects such as screens with oriental designs, circular or rectangular paper lamps, mirrors and vases, are your best option. The usual is […]

2 Story Tuff Shed Tiny House

Tuff shed tiny house – Usually they are not considered in the same way as architecture, yet the tuff sheds contain a large number of design themes. In general, a tuff shed is made of wood, with a frame-like structure similar to the traditional balloon-frame construction system. The infills may however be made of other […]

Average Tiny House Dimensions

Tiny house dimensions – Often people complain when it comes to decorating their homes, as they have very little space and therefore it is difficult for them to organize, relocate and place new furniture and accessories due to the space problem. That is why today different ideas, techniques and new furniture have been created designed […]

3D Tiny House Blueprints

Tiny house blueprints – Soon you will change house but before moving to your new “home” would you like to do some project about the arrangement of furniture, the organization of the garden and that of various other spaces? Yes? Well, then why do not you use one of the programs to design houses? There […]

Best Tiny House Bus Conversion

Tiny house bus conversion – Have you ever thought about living on a school bus? An American mother dreamed of homeownership, but her budget was too limited to allow him to advance to a purchase. So he decided to make a “small house,” a miniature house. Turning an old abandoned school bus into a functional […]

Backyard Home Depot Shed Tiny House

Home depot shed tiny house – From an old shed it is possible to obtain housing units, simply by carefully dividing the available space. In order not to risk getting a result that is not up to par, it would be appropriate to contact an architect. With whom we could express our ideas and from […]

Build Tiny House Loft

Tiny house loft – A loft is a type of multifunctional housing in the same open space. It is a question of an individual and diaphanous space which has no spatial divisions, no walls or walls. It is important to know the space and see the possibilities it offers for its decoration. Term that comes […]

Expandable Tiny House Art

Expandable tiny house – This small construction expandable tiny house has been studied following two important basic principles: reduce expenses and simplify work. In this way, a person, with a little help, can finish the construction without any problem. The roof covering can be made of zinc or aluminum plates, as they are resistant and […]

Basics Diy Tiny House on Wheels

Diy tiny house on wheels – Is it possible to build and live in a small house of a few square meters? Of course it is, but to do it you must have a free spirit. Living in a confined space can be a necessity suffered (as in the case of microscopic and expensive apartments […]

Backyard Tiny House Design

Backyard tiny house – Do you think decorating your backyard tiny house is a headache? Nothing further from reality. From the most ostentatious ideas such as designing a pool area or a barbecue to the simplest as a resting area where you only have multiple cushions, everything is possible with a little creativity. Want to […]