Colorful Tiny House Boat

Tiny house boat – Do you live in a tiny house boat, and you have trouble adjusting it so that there is room for all your things? And do you also want your home to be both smart and modern? It can be difficult to decorate small houses so that the space is utilized optimally, […]

Buy Tiny House Pellet Stove

Tiny house pellet stove – Compared to the past, the real estate sector tells us that more and more people are choosing to go and live in a small house with a small square footage. The factors that motivate this type of decision are different, first of all, the savings. Small houses cost less and […]

Best Tiny Doll House

Tiny doll house – Many toy brands such as Kidkraft and Lundby offer prefabricated tiny doll houses with which to play and have fun without stress. They can also be conveniently purchased online and magically presented to your children. Generally, the doll house offers everything that children could expect and want from a dollhouse. Include […]

Awesome Tiny House Decorating Ideas

Tiny house decorating ideas – Small plots and densely populated areas make tiny homes take a larger part of the market. It may be the first home you buy or what you move to after selling a larger detached house. Here a great tips and ideas on how to make the most of tiny surfaces […]

Burning Wood Stove for Tiny House

Wood stove for tiny house – Being able to create and install a small wood stove is, of course, a very exciting challenge for all DIY enthusiasts. And also for those who like to try their hand at do-it-yourself. A tough, but not prohibitive, commitment. However, this wood stove is very benefit when using for […]

Build Tiny House Solar

Tiny house solar – We can build a tiny house has an approximate length of 5.50m and a width of 2.75m. But it reaches a surface of 19.50m2, thanks to the attic that it has upstairs to sleep. Complete inside is organized with a space can function as a living room, dining room, and even […]

35 Ft. Fifth Wheel Tiny House

Fifth wheel tiny house – Living in a fifth wheel trailer is a larger full-time expression of freedom because it can take you to your home where you want to go. If you want to be in mild climates, for example. Then you can simply drive the trailer to a new location when the weather […]

Best Tiny House with Bedroom Downstairs

Tiny house with bedroom downstairs – When building a single family house, how do you normally divide the rooms and put the rooms on ground floor? Any building needs at least one bathroom, a kitchen is at least one more room that can be the bedroom, for example. If the construction is of 2 rooms […]

Cheap Converting Shed into Tiny House

Converting shed into tiny house – Starting with establish a preliminary budget for the project. Be sure to include the costs of outside assistance for experts, as needed. Getting a qualified plumber and electrician when necessary is essential for safety and inspection purposes in certain situations. Evaluate shed for necessary upgrades. Take measurements. Decide what […]

Build Tiny House Neighborhood

Tiny house neighborhood – Keeping close to your friends is something that is not always possible. Because everyone has their projects, forms their own family and ends up distancing themselves. It is common. But, what if that group of endearing brothers decides not to allow the separation to happen, and do their best to be […]