Cozy Tiny House Toilet

Regardless of the type of tiny house toilet you have at home, today you will find an endless number of furniture or shelves that will adapt to your structure and in which you can take advantage of to store objects and bathroom accessories. To start taking advantage of the space you have on the toilet […]

Cozy Tiny House Furniture

Many times interior decoration of tiny house furniture usually becomes a headache; since lack of space limits many of ideas that may arise. That is why today we wanted, through this article, to present some tips to make most of spaces of home, in what refers to furniture for a small house. Obviously you should […]

5th Wheel Tiny House Plans 3D

5th wheel tiny house plans – Same company that designed previous model, also offers this one with vintage airs and rents to all those who are interested, yes, you will have to travel to California to enjoy it. This house is located on top of a hill, offering stunning views of Pacific Ocean. Inside we […]

Build Gooseneck Trailer Tiny House

Many times I think how wonderful it would be to be able to travel with my house on my back, although I know in advance that this is impossible, right? The truth is that thanks to gooseneck trailer tiny house, this can come true. Keep reading and discover some of the most impressive trailer homes […]

Tiny House Ladder Ideas

There are things that cannot be dispensed with when talking about a small house, especially if we refer to a small house with two floors. Yes, the tiny house ladder is a vital element that we cannot remove no matter how much we want. That is why in this book of ideas we are going […]

Beautiful Minimalist Tiny House

Of course, in construction of a minimalist tiny house, personal taste of those who will make it their home is greatly involved, but also conditions of area where building is planned are greatly influenced, and as in highly urbanized areas, dimensions of land Significantly reduce, we have decided to create this book of ideas with […]

Tiny House Bathtubs Color

While for many people it is not relevant, many others consider it essential to have a bathtub at home. It is especially useful for people with small children, for those who occasionally like to take a relaxing or romantic bath and, in general, it gives us many more options than having just a shower in […]

Cozy Tiny House Couch

The tiny house couch is, in many of our houses, the king of the living room and that is why we must choose it carefully. Before going out to hunt for a sofa, it is important that we are clear about the role of the sofa in our home and what the use will be. […]

Dream Tiny House Fireplace

Having a tiny house fireplace is a great benefit, not only because of the warmth they provide when it is cold, but because of its great decorative power in any room. Our spaces will always look fantastic because of the feeling of warmth, comfort and great personality that a fireplace will give you, making that […]

Awesome Steel Frame Tiny House

Advantages of the construction with light steel frame tiny house, consider first the pros that light steel frame houses offer. The biggest advantage of using steel structure in a house is the durability of the material. The wooden frames rot or suffer deformations, and therefore the walls do not remain perfectly straight. With light steel […]